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A sweet facebook post from a Mom.

We wanted to share with you a post from a Mom of two little boys who are in our Feeding Program and Back Yard Bible Club. Thank you Katia for your kind words.

Facebook post by Katia Valle is with Fatima Sanchez. 14 hrs

Le doy gracias adiós primera mente y después a estas tres chicas súper poderosas les llamo así por que debajo de sol lluvia ellas siempre están presente a los estudios porque sin ellas mis niños y yo no sabríamos los estudios bíblicos gracias chicas dios las bendiga grande mente bendiciones.

Translation: I thank you God for these three super powerful girls, that’s what I call them because in sun or even in rain they are always present at the building. Because without them my children and I would not know the Bible studies. Thank you God and bless the girls with great blessings.

With her post she included this picture of Julissa, Addys and Fatima.

This is Katia and her two sons.

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