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February 2018 Highlights from Addys, Julissa and Fatima.

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

Addys, Julissa and Fatima have had a busy January and February. The children in our Feeding Program and Back Yard Bible Clubs were on school vacation from the end of November to the second week of February. As the time approached for school to begin the parents and children began to ask for help in buying school supplies.

With the generous donations made by many of you we were able to purchase school supplies for 340 children in our programs. Addys, Julissa and Fatima purchased the supplies and packed the bags with the help of some of the youth.

At each of the four Back Yard Bible Clubs held the first week of February each child received a backpack full of notebooks, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener and more. There were lots of smiles and excitement.

Each day Monday through Friday several youth help the ladies with the Feeding Program. The youth set up tables and chairs, chop vegetables, help the children wash their hands and help clean the building. These kids are a big help.

Addys loaded them all in the 4Runner a couple of weeks ago and took them all out for dinner. This was a real treat for the kids and they had a great time as you can see in the photos.

Addys wanted to try something different with our Ladies Discipleship Class, instead of just having a Bible Study book she wanted to try having a workbook and a CD to watch. They have started this new class and the ladies are loving it. Now Addys takes her computer along with her to class and they all gather around.

The Pearl Foundation thanks each of you for your prayers and support for the ministry. God is going great things in Granada, Nicaragua.

Contact us to ask how you can be a part of God's work in Nicaragua.

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