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Jesse's January 2018 Highlights

The Dump Feeding Ministry takes place on Wednesday and Friday mornings of each week. Jesse shares words of encouragement from God’s

Word to the 70 plus men and women who work in the dump each and every day.

Following the devotion the men and women

are served a hearty meal prepared by Jesse and Allison.

We thank those who make this ministry

possible through generous donations and

we thank the volunteers who help Jesse each week. We have a picture here of Nick and Paula Lee along with Paula’s Mom and a friend.

Jesse and Yohana visit the 40+ adults at

the Granada Nursing Home every Saturday.

They love serving the men and women

and of course loving on them.

It is wonderful to see missionaries working

alongside each other in Granada. Jenn Esposito with REAP Granada and Jesse have combined their Ladies Discipleship classes into one class. They meet on Monday afternoons at the Pearl Foundation Ministry Building. Please pray for the women in the class, they struggle with many challenges each and every day.

Jesse continues to visit the Granada Prison each Thursday along with a host of other Granada Missionaries and Pastors. They pour into the lives of these young men by sharing God’s Word and we have seen many baptisms as a result of, Praise God.

Please pray for Jesse as he continues to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The Pearl Foundation is very blessed to have a Godly man like Jesse on our staff.

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