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Magical Christmas 2018

The Pearl Foundation

Darrell and Linda Hinson

PO Box 161301

Boiling Springs, SC 29316

November 9, 2018

Re: Magical Christmas 2018

Greetings from The Pearl Foundation,

Each and every week we have the awesome privilege of loving on some 400 precious children. All 400 children are involved in one or more of various programs. The programs include Back Yard Bible Clubs where they study the Bible, memorize Bible Verses, do crafts, sing and play games, the Feeding Program and Youth Group. This time last year in the Children’s Feeding Program we were feeding 80 to 90 children per day, this year we are having 165 to 190 children each day.

For the past four years many of you have helped make it possible to bless each of these children with a Magical Christmas. Again this year we are planning a Christmas party that will include refreshments, Christmas crafts and gifts for each child. The children receive one large gift and several small gifts, clothing and candy. For many of our children this will be the only gifts they receive at Christmas.

Nicaragua is a very poor country where 80 percent of the people live on less than $2 a day. This year the poverty situation is worse than in years past due to the civil unrest in the country. Thousands have lost their jobs due to the conflict and families are suffering. We are assisting many families with food each week.

Last year we incorporated school supplies into the Christmas Celebration. The extreme poverty makes it difficult for the parents to supply the needed school supplies for the children to begin the new school year in February. We want to continue this program of giving needed school supplies.

We ask that you to prayerfully consider being a part of our ‘Magical Christmas 2018’ and ‘Ready to Learn 2019’ by sponsoring one or more of our children at $25 each. This gift will provide the Christmas gifts and the school supplies for the upcoming school year.

Please consider blessing a child that has so little. You can do that by sending your tax deductible donation to The Pearl Foundation, P.O. Box 161301, Boiling Springs, SC 29316. Please write on your check that it is for the Christmas Project/School Project.

And yes, The Hinson’s will be there. We are traveling to Nicaragua for the first time since the civil unrest began in April.

We ask you to please be in prayer for the children and our staff during the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

Wishing everyone a Christ filled Christmas,

Darrell, Linda, Addys, Julissa, Fatima and Jesse

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