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Pearl Update, June 13, 2018

Greetings from the Pearl Foundation in Nicaragua.

We regret to inform you that since our last communication with you things have not improved in Nicaragua. There continues to be wide spread violence and demonstrations. There continues to be road blocks that prevent many people from being able to get to their jobs.

The city of Granada and Pantanal Barrio employment depends heavily on tourism. The tourist have completely stopped coming and as a result many people are out of a job. Hotels and restaurants have had to close due to lack of business. As we anticipated this has greatly increased our participants in the feeding programs. Some of our children were coming 2 or 3 times a week and now their parents are asking if we can feed them every day. We are doing so. We have not turned away anyone requesting a meal. Through the grace of God we have been able to continue our feeding programs at the activity building and the dump.

For safety reasons we are no longer able to provide our own transportation to the activity building or the market. We are relying on trusted taxi drivers to help us find food for purchase and transport our team to the activity building. Jesse has been able to use his truck at the dump. Jesse is very ‘street smart’ and he is able to get to the dump taking back roads.

Even in the face of danger our team is insisting that we continue feeding the people. It is anticipated that this conflict could be long lasting. With food prices increasing and needed quantities increasing our need for additional funds has increased. We have been blessed in recent days with contributions that are helping to meet these needs. Please pray with us that funds will continue to be received in order that we can meet the basic needs for our children in Pantanal and the adults at the dump.

On a positive note. You will see in the enclosed pictures one of Jesse’s baseball teams participating in a discipleship class on the field. Addys is telling us that the children are very appreciative and know that the Lord is providing.

Please continue to pray for our team. They are tired, they are stressed and they are fearful, but they are determined to do the work that the Lord has called them to do.

God Bless,

Darrell and Linda

Addys, Julissa, Fatima and Jesse

Jesse's Discipleship Class on the baseball field.

130 hungry children in the activity building last Friday.

Jesse servies the people at the dump angood meal on Tuesday.

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