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Backpack Ministry

Childhood hunger and extreme poverty pose significant challenges for children in Nicaragua. The harsh reality is that many of these children only have one meal per day, highlighting the severe food insecurity prevalent in the region. This issue is exacerbated by a lack of proper education among parents, which limits their employment opportunities. Consequently, families struggle to afford even the basic necessities for their children's education, such as school supplies and backpacks. Unfortunately, this financial barrier often results in many Nicaraguan children not progressing beyond the 6th grade, perpetuating a cycle of poverty.

The Panatal Barrio, situated on the outskirts of Granada, Nicaragua, paints a stark picture of poverty and limited resources. The community's homes are makeshift structures, cobbled together with old tin, plastic, and crumbling bricks, lacking the basic amenities of running water and electricity. Outhouses, mere holes in the ground, serve as the primary sanitation facilities. The area grapples with an unemployment rate exceeding 50%, exacerbating the challenges faced by its residents. Education is a luxury for many, with approximately 60% of children unable to progress beyond the 6th grade due to financial constraints. This perpetuates a cycle of poverty, as parents struggle to afford even the most basic school supplies.


Recognizing the vital role education plays in breaking this cycle, the Pearl Foundation steps in by providing backpacks with school supplies to these children. These simple gestures aim to empower the youth, offering them a chance at education and a pathway to a more promising future.



The cost of a typical backpack is $50 and includes school supplies like pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, ruler, calculator, and much more. Click DONATE at the top of this page to help kids in Nicaragua continue their education!

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