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Our Programs & Ministries 

Our goal is to build long term relationships with the children and adults in our ministry. We achieve this through the various programs and ministries that we provide, spreading smiles, happiness, and love through God's word.

Feeding Programs

The children's feeding program started in 2014, only two days a week. After a year of serving, the program gained strength and was able to feed children three days a week. Now, we serve over 500 meals per week, five days a week!

Children's Backyard Bible Clubs

The Backyard Bible Club began in 2012 with six children. Since then, the program has grown into four different groups, serving about 260 children. These four different groups are led by several of our exceptional full and part time staff. 

Discipleship Classes

We offer four different discipleship classes, serving over fifty adults. They are offered on different days of the week and in two different locations. These classes have been led by our full and part time staff since 2013.

Sports Ministry

In 2016, one of our full time staff members started a baseball ministry in Granada involving twelve teams. This has become a great way to fellowship with young men, play baseball and share the Bible and the Love of Christ.

Prison Ministry

One of our full time staff members leads worship in a prison housing about 350 men. He and a fellow missionary are also involved in structured discipleship classes. Recently, he had the honor of baptizing several of those men.

Local Dump Feeding Program

We provide meals at the Granada city dump every Wednesday and Friday to just under 100 people. These individuals work at the dump and scour the grounds for anything that can be recycled.

Nursing Home Ministry

Every Saturday, our group heads to the nursing home in Granada to visit with the people who live there. We provide refreshments, assistance of any kind, and good company to the nursing home residents.

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