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March 2023 Newsletter

We hope this finds you all doing well and enjoying life to the fullest. We pray your heart is focus on God and doing His will.

December Fun.


 Our Pearl Staff had a very busy couple of weeks in December celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ with the children, youth and adults in our various programs.

 Addys, Fatima and Everthy celebrated with 620 children who are in the Feeding Program and the Back Yard Bible Clubs. It was an amazing time with the youth presenting the Christmas Story, refreshments and of course gifts for everyone.

Our youth group is very special, many of them have been with us since 2012 when the Back Yard Bible Blubs began.

 Jesse, Yohana and their staff celebrated with 370 adults and children at La Hoya (the city dump) and at Posintepe Barrio.

  This was a time of worship, a meal, gifts for the children and a huge food basket for each family in La Hoya.

 We thank our good friend Terry Leary for raising the funds for the food baskets for the families in La Hoya.

  The Posintepe children had a great afternoon of refreshments and gifts.

 We Thank all of you that made this Christmas so joyous for the children, youth and adults in our ministries. We can’t do it without you.   

Changing lives, one home at a time.

 We told you earlier about our good friend Terry who helped us for the second year with baskets for the people in La Hoya. She has a heart for the people who work day in and day out in the dump.


 Due to the poverty, Jesse and Terry began to investigate the living conditions of those working in La Hoya. Terry reached out to her many contacts both in Granada and literally around the world.

 The results are to date Jesse and a crew of construction men have built 60 homes in the La Hoya and Pantanal area. These homes are, to us, very basic. A 12x12 metal home with a concrete floor and a secure door to keep them and their meager belongings safe. To these people the house is a luxury.

 This week a lady was asked for her commits about her new home. Her previous home was made of plastic and sticks with a dirt floor that water ran through when it rains. She stated that for the first time in her life she felt safe. Safe to be in her home with her children and not fear that someone or an animal would come into their home at night.

 These homes cost only $700 to build and it changes their lives. Praise God.

 Jesse and Terry are now beginning to raise funds to build a latrine at each home. The owner of the home will dig the hole for the latrine and we will do the rest. The cost for a latrine is $350. This gives the family a sense of safety and dignity.

 We can’t imagine living in these conditions but to many here it is a way of life and all that they know.

Future News.

 We were recently in Nicaragua making plans for the five mission groups who will be working alongside us this summer as we minister to the people in Pantanal, Posintepe and La Hoya.

 The groups will have the opportunity to witness and share the Word of God, to play with the children, to help serve meals, do crafts and games, to help build a house and more.

 We are very excited to have teams return. Having teams on the ground is a huge blessing not only to those we minister to but to our staff as well.

 Please contact us for more information about becoming a team member.


 We thank all of you for your continued prayers and support. You are a blessing to many. We say that a lot, you are a blessing to many, come visit with us and see for yourself what a blessing you are. You will be amazed.

May God Bless you all,

Darrell and Linda Hinson

Darrell cell 864-308-5168

Linda cell 864-308-5169

Like us on Facebook at Pearl Foundation Nicaragua for more photos of the ministry.

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